Sunday, March 16, 2008


I thought I'd write a quick post on how I highlighted the Python code in my previous post. I used Pygments, which (though I've only had limited experience with it) appears to truly be a "top quality product". It was easy to install with easy_install.

Because I'm pasting the highlighted code into Blogger, I can't use the CSS it generates by default, so I use the "noclasses" option:

$ pygmentize -f html -O noclasses -o file.html

And then I can paste the contents of the html file into my Blogger post's HTML.

Actually, on Mac OS X I can save a step using:

$ pygmentize -f html -O noclasses | pbcopy

And then paste directly into Blogger.

Update: the following command-line allows me to pygmentize the Python code in the clipboard (without having to create a file for it):

$ pbpaste | pygmentize -f html -O noclasses -l python | pbcopy

Another Update: it occurred to me I could use the above (updated) command-line in TextExpander (see A TextExpander snippet to paste quoted text and A TextExpander snippet that works for me) to create a snippet that pastes a "Pygmentized" version of the Python code in the clipboard:

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Gordon said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing this, I wasn't aware of the util and this is a handy way to use it.